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Burial Services

In the past, this was the most common choice and is still favoured by many. It provides a family with a focal point, a grave to go to where they remember the person who has passed away. Burial involves buying a burial plot, paying an interment fee which covers the cost of digging the grave and usually buying a memorial or headstone. In almost all cases, the places people can be buried are limited by law to official cemeteries or Maori burial grounds.

Decide where you would like the burial to take place unless this is already known. Either you or one of our funeral directors will contact the local authority that governs the cemetery of your choice and advise on the availability, cemetery restrictions and costs.

You can have a single plot with room for two interments – double depth graves (one on top of the other) or double plot (side by side) with room for four interments. However this is dependent on the topography of individual cemeteries. Some cemeteries don’t allow double depth graves due to issues with groundwater or soil composition.

If there is a pre-purchased plot or the burial is a second interment we will liase with the local authority on your behalf, to arrange for the opening of the grave and the booking of the arrival time for the burial.

​Fees and costs

There is a plot purchase fee, an additional cost for the opening and closing of the grave and any supplementary fees such as lowering device, short notice, Saturday or public holiday fees. You have the option of arranging a memorial stone with a monumental mason to be placed at the grave site at a later time. There may be certain terms and conditions imposed by the local governing body, about what type of headstone or commemorative plaque you can have.

We are able to assist you with all of these details if so required.