11c, Bolderwood Place, Wiri, Auckland 2104.

Cremation Services

Cremation is the process during which human remains are reduced to their original elements by application of intense heat. Cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, increases one’s options. Cremation is a process which is performed in a respectful and dignified manner and has as many service and memorial options as traditional burial.

Cremation provides greater flexibility when choosing a final resting place because there is no restriction to specific places of burial. Ashes can be buried in a cemetery or special memorial area, or they can be scattered somewhere the family or deceased thought appropriate, such as in a garden, at sea, or in a favourite place. Some people split the ashes between different places. A memorial or plaque is often chosen to provide the focal point for the family.

The process of cremation involves placing the body within the casket into a cremator – a large metal box with room for only one casket. The cremation process takes approximately two to four hours. The ashes are removed from the cremator and placed in a pine container, about 26cm long and 15cm deep. You can have peace of mind that we will collect the cremated ashes returning them to our care. They are then available for families to collect, usually within 48 hours. Ann’s Funeral Home & Cremations have a range of attractive urns available for you to choose from.

When cremation is chosen as a method of final disposition, the most important question every family should ask when choosing a funeral home is “where is the crematory located and who operates it?” We are unique for the fact that we own and operate our own crematory. The crematory, which is known as Ann’s Funeral Home & Onsite Creations, is located at 11C Bolderwood Place, Wiri, Auckland. By owning and operating our own crematory, we ensure that cremation policies and procedures are carried out with utmost detail, care, dignity, and professionalism. All of our funeral directors have been trained to operate the crematory. On many occasions, the same funeral director that goes to the place of death and meets the family for final funeral arrangements is the same person completing the cremation process and handing the cremated remains back to the family. In the past, when cremation has had negative headlines in the media, it has been due to the fact that a third-party has been involved and the funeral home had no involvement in the cremation process. Families need to be aware of where and who is handling the cremation for their family. Families trust us to manage all the details when caring for their loved ones and are glad to hear that we will not only oversee the entire cremation process, but we will handle it as well. Families can take comfort in knowing that their loved one never leaves our care.